Machining Content...2.5 Axis example, 2 setups, 1 setup on fixture runnning 48 pcs. per, 2nd setup in CarveSmart Jaws running 6 pcs. per.

A repeat job so we made a fixture that holds 8 blanks of 6 pcs each for a total of 48 pcs per cycle. Hardware used on the fixture are rails and OKK clamps from MiteeBite.

Fixture shown here with 8 saw cut blanks loaded, I M01 stopped in mid cycle to take photo:

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1st op (setup) running saw cut material on fixture, includes face mill, mill, drill and tap #0-80 x 3 pl. Thread mill x 1 pl. Lots of small features. In fact the smallest end mill used on this job is .015" diameter.

Here is the last setup using CarveSmart Jaws that have been previously milled and used. I have posted about CarveSmart Jaws before but here is one of the practical uses link to that post here:

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We put the jaws in, pick up our offset on the top right corner of the stationary jaw (done with macros I wrote), load the program, load parts, hit the cycle start button, watch the approach of the first tool then walk away.

Video of the last operation (setup) using CarveSmart jaws. An interesting side note is that we are using an in/lbs torque wrench set ant 20 in/lbs (or 1.666 ft/lbs). It is necessary to keep from crushing the parts.

Video here:

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