setup detail for century 125gs

Anyone with one of these units that could help me...

I have had it on my bench for several months and finally got around to setting it up last week.

My question relates to a long tapered coil/spring that was inside the welding tip. When fully extended this spring would poke outside the shield by about 4 inches. This just looked plain wrong and was not evident in any of the instructional diagrams that came with the unit. Further, pushing back on it would slide it back into the tip/sleeve so it was not fixed. On top of that it seemed to interfere with the feeding of the weld wire.

I noticed that is was flared at the tip end to prevent it from slipping out of the screw on tip, so it seems an integral part of the unit.

I left it in and have since fried it completely; my first attempt at welding heated it sufficiently to make it deform.

My question: throw it away or try and replace. What the heck is that thing for?

Thanks, Bryan

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I used to have one of those and there was no such spring in it... unless you're talking about the liner? The liner looks like the spiral lining of a bicycle brake cable. If that's what you're talking about it needs to be there and should be pushed back in far enough that you can see it on the inside of the welder where the wire goes into the torch/hose.

If you have the manual for it look on page 12 for a drawing of the gun and the wire feeder / drive assembly. The drive assembly drawing actually shows the end of the liner.

If this is not what you mean and there is actually a spring in there I can't imagine any reason you would want it and it isn't shown in the drawing in the manual so remove it and see how the welder works.

If you don't have the manual I have a PDF version of it and the parts listing that I'd be happy to email to you. Email me directly if you want them and I'll attach them to a reply.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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