Clean coal commercial

Is anyone else annoyed by the clean coal commercial where a
young girl says
""Let's face are just better at technology than
their parents. For instance, by the time I graduate from
college, we will have built coal power plants with zero
emissions, including green house gases."
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If anything is built by the time she graduates from college,
it will be built by her parents generation, and/or her
grandparents generation, not her generation.
It is also a lie. Grumble grumble.
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John Popelish
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Of course it's a lie. In institutional advertising, that's the norm.
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Jerry Avins
The cleanest coal plant (of which I believe there are two in the U.S.) is seven times more dirty than a gas plant. Unfortunately, putting the perfect home heating fuel up the stack is a waste.
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Hello John,
When I look at web sites designed by people older than me to web sites designed by people much younger than me I, well, ahem, how do I say this politely, find myself unable to conclude that kids are better at technology. "Modern" web site plain don't work.
When I see that four (!) graduates in a row that a client tried were not able to understand my module spec, let alone the schematic, well, what can I say? Oh, and most of the young grads can't even solder. Pathetic. Will they design a coal plant now? Tell me where and I'll make sure I won't move there.
< grumble, grumble >
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It is the most blatant lie (both about kids and about coal) I have heard. Most ads are at least a matter of opinion.
They refer to green house gases. You may be able to remove the particulates, SOx, NOx, etc, but how do you remove the CO2? Much of the stack gas is CO2, all (if it is clean) of the carbon in the coal is turned into CO2 and goes up the stack.
Some kid could design a power plant? How many kids know enough about thermodynamics to design a steam cycle? Know any who can calculate the entropy change across a turbine?
My grand kids are smart and very knowledgeable about loading music onto I-Pods. Yet, the work force at engineering design firms and power companies is getting older because fewer young people have the knowledge or ability to do real engineering calculations and design.
Joerg wrote:
I do web design (HTML, PHP, etc.) as a hobby (but I do charge!). On three occasions (in three locations) I attended web design meetings organized over the Internet ( Most of the people attending were over 55. When we did show and tell of our web sites, the ones that looked professionally designed and worked were built by the older people. The younger people did not have the patience to get into the html, css, etc. and produce working sites. Usually at the end of the meeting the conversation turned to grandkids, retirement planning, and Medicare.
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Anita Richards

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