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Can anyone recommend a HMI (company/model) for use in outdoor field work? We require a handheld HMI which has good visibility in sunlight (possible direct) as being light weight.

Is there a technical term for handheld HMI's which simply plug into a terminal (i think just straight rj45 connection), which can be transported to another site using the same unit - ie the program is loaded (somewhere) and all the operator does is plug the unit into the terminal? - it would make it much easier to research.

We currently use mounted UniOp and Hitech HMI's. Ive done some research on Exor/UniOps ePalm unit, which is a handheld, however it is not suitable to take to other controllers.

I also dont want to be too picky, it doesnt need to be flash (such as color or tourchscreen), and it shouldnt have to be programmed in an object oriented programming language (java is evil)


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Need more info!

Do you need a full HMI system or just the GUI, which is what I think you want.

Many serve WEB pages and could use a WI-FI to a lapt> Hi All,

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Dennis Mchenney

well we're looking for a fully functional HMI. We use citect software and kingfisher equipment.

nah we need something like a handheld unit (think multimeter size) which is rugged enough for outdoor use. a laptop is too expensive and risky for our application and handheld units like ppcs or palms are very volatile to screen damage, although i have seen solutions by GE and citect and so forth which do look good and are useful for what we need.

having a web connection is not a viable option for our application because we have many remote sites and costs are too much to 'dial in' to them

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HMI's refer to the equipment combined with the software. However, on the basis that you probably know what software functionality you are after already and that it may run on a suitable PC-a-like you could look at these rugged ones.

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Paul E. Bennett

Here's one, don't know about the sunlight, but its a sweet unit if you have an extra $2300 to spare.

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Steve Cothran

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