Honeywell UMC800 program needed

Being a first time poster on this newsgroup, it figures that I'm looking for something that is several years old.

I need the control builder software for the Honeywell UMC800. VERSION 2

Version 2 is quite old and obsolete. But a customer of mine lost their floppies. I realize they could upgrade to version 5, but they aren't warming-up to the idea yet.

Thanks in advance, Eric Process control specialist

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Actually you have come to the right place. This is the antique control systems road show.


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Walter Driedger

Sure seems that way ... lol. I worked for a Technology Manager, < 5 years ago, for a good size automotive transmission company in Muncie, IN that had nothing but AB PLC2's as he knew them well and did not want to retrain his UAW electricians. Would buy up obsolete machines for spare parts and used, T-45's, 6200 & Taylor SW. Allowed a new ink marking machine spec'ed with a SLC 100 and blew his top when vendor put a SLC150 in it, made them change it out.

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That mentality is probably more common than you think.. :-)

I worked for a while at a large steel mill over here where part of the materials handling line (the rail-making plant) still runs on Reliance Automate PLCs from way back in the old transistor days. The reason?.. one of the best ways to teach new Engineering Cadets PLC fundamentals was to give them a soldering iron and get them rebuilding failed I/O cards - and with home-built spares readily available, why upgrade... With solder tracks millimetres wide, they can't go too far wrong.

You certainly can't do that with "modern" surface-mount systems.


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Cameron Dorrough

Have you tried contacting your local Honeywell rep?

If I recall, the new Control Builder is not downwardly compatible with the older hardware.

Maybe the OEM for the system has a copy?

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