Integrating Modbus TCP protocol and Koyo Protocol

Hi I am writing s device driver for a device that supports koyo protocol. I need to wrap the modbus header/footer to this koyo protocol . To this packet I need to wrap the TCP protocol. Thus the whole structure looks like this:

TCP Modbus Koyo Modbus TCP

But I am not sure how to combine them. Can anyone help me in this regard? It would be great if anyone could tell me what the sample packet would contain?


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As I understand it, Koyo is a specific application of Modbus, and you want to carry it over a TCP/IP link, so the frame would be:

'TCP header' - 'Modbus (koyo) Frame' - 'TCP footer'

The Modbus frame is the TCP data.


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Hi You have got the packet right ,but do you have any examples which will make it more clear. It would be great if you could provide that.

Thanks in Advance

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