Recomendations for a modbus library

I have just been presented with a little job. I need to make a converter between modbus protocol and a proprietry one. They are thinking of using the xnut [1] unit. I would have to write the code to make this convert the proprietry protocol to modbus over RS485. Their protocol is significantly different to modbus.

Xnut runs linux. The xnut library does not support modbus (I think).

Are there any librarys that provide modbus support that I could use? I am fairly used to programming with linux, but not with embeded linux. If anyone wanted to offer their services as a sub contractor I would be very willing to listen.

Thnaks for any help.

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David Jones
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I like to clarify: The XNUT-100 and XNUT-105 are NOT running embedded Linux. They run Nut/OS an embedded RTOS. The OS offers a similar API as Linux and a Linux programmer should have no problems in getting familiar with the Nut/OS API.

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Micrium the authors of uCOS-II RTOS have a portable embedded Modbus package. Check at

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