Kalman tuning

I am a newbie in need of help tuning a Kalman filter. The tuning knobs
I have are the process noise of the filter. I have measurements
statistics characterized by the sensor manufacturer and I am using
that as the measurement noise. Other than the measurements, I do not
have any other truth data. So how do I tell if the tuning is resulting
in a better filter or not. In a crude sense, I can tell a bad filter
if the filter output diverges from the measurements. But other than
that, how do I tell if the filter output is converging to the truth.
How do I tell if one set of process noise figures are better than
- ta
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"ta" wrote
Look at the innovations (the error) of the Kalman filter. If it's white (uncorrelated), then that's one indication that the filter is working well.
Peter K.
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Peter J. Kootsookos
You could study the output of the estimator(variance and autocorrelation). The variance should be small and the noise white.
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Niclas Granqvist
How exactly do I tell if the innovations is uncorrelated?
- ta
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Correlate them, and see if the answer averages to zero.
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Tim Wescott

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