Muti compressor control system

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I am working in a cement industry and I need some information regarding the compressor control system. I need to know what are the best control systems available with cost effectiveness.

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Reciprocating or turbine? Rating and operating point? Objectives of the system?

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Compressors are reciprocating run by 150 KW motors to produce

7Kg/cm*cm. The objective for the c> > hello friends
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It can be a simple discharge pressure switch with some hysteresis that switches the unloading valves on the machine, if it has them.This can be extended to a number of stages, with appropriate differentials. Nowadays a PLC is often used to sequence the switching, along with the other machine functions.

If you control the pressure, then you control the balance between usage and production. Depending, you may be able ot optimise energy usage by lowering the pressure you control to. Don't know what your plant is, but unless compressed air is your main commodity, I'd be surprised if this was an application that warranted a lot of time.

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