Nonlinear Observers

Hello, Is there any good book or paper on Nonlinear Observers? I have tried technical journals but all of them start with specific type of observer. I am new to nonlinear observers so want some basic material to start.

Thank you. Regards, Rahul

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Dear Rahul,

You may want to have a look in the book of Gauthier & Kupka: Deterministic Observation Theory and Applications, J.P. Gauthier and I. Kupka, Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Actually, I don't know the book myself, but it was recommended to me some time ago as a good book on nonlinear observer design.

hope it helps, Christian schrieb:

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Thanks Christian, I will try to get the book. Meantime, I also found a good introductory material on topic. It is 6th chapter (Nonlinear state estimation) of Book "Nonlinear Process Control" by Michael A Henson and Dale E. Seborg (Prentice-Hall ECS Professional)

It is really very well written chapter and good starting point for novice in estimation for nonlinear system.

Regards, Rahul wrote:

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