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Hi all!

I want to write and read data in a Panel View 550 from a FlexLogix (1794L33) controller. I know it can be done by sending a message in a ControlNet or Ethernet environment. But I want to do it through the serial port (via an AIC, maybe). Has anybody done it before? I think it could be done by means of another MSG, but I dont know how to specify the serial port as the route for the message.



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I've used various Panelviews and Panelview+ on Ethernet, RS232 (DF1) and DH485, with MicroLogix, SLCs and CompactLogix processors. On all of those, you program the Panelview to query the PLC for data to display, and it will write any changed data back to the PLC. The Panelview initiates the communications, and you don't have to do anything in the PLC program other than provide the data at the correct memory locations. I understand DeviceNet panelviews behave a bit differently as you have the scanner "in between". What's the model number of the Panelview you have?


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Andrew M

Thanks, Andy, for answering.

The problem with RSLogix 5000 is that the memory is organised in a different way as it is probably expected by the PanelView. Instead of having bits like B3:1/2, you have elements of a "matrix", like B3[1].2.

If PanelView try to look for B3:1/2, it won=B4t find it (I think!)

Any other suggestion is welcome.



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