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I have a question in a tutorial and have no idea on what the answer is or to go about working it out. Anyone can point me in the right direction on how to solve this problem? Here it is: If 100 litres of pure carbon monoxide was dispersed into a room 10m x 10m x

10m would the atmosphere be OK to work for a whole day? Justify the answer. Appreciate any help. TIA
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That would be 100 ppm and I would say that is far too much to breathe all day. It would probably give you a bad head ache or worse.

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snipped-for-privacy@oanet.com (Rusty) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@nntp.oanet.com:

That's almost twice the OSHA Permissible exposure limit and more than three times the NIOSH recommended exposure limit.


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Scott Seidman

Step 1: Look up some regulatory websites for the allowable concentrations of CO for your locale. If this is serious use that information to find the "real" regs, and perhaps recommendations if you live in an area where the regulations are loose.

Step 2: Calculate your concentration (it'll probably be by volume, but maybe your local regs are in moles, or partial pressure, eh?).

Step 3: Compare the results of step 1 with those from step 2. Justifications should be obvious.

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Tim Wescott

Define OK.

If you do that, don't expect me to be willing to work in the room afterwards.


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Sylvia Else

Thanks for the info. most helpful.

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Too many indeed.

It seems like a poorly written question. Not quite enough information. If the room already contains sulfur-dioxide, or NO atmosphere, or an above average concentration of oxygen, the chemistry of the whole thing changes. Of course I guess we could assume it's just "air", but assumptions make me nervous.

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Andrew Geck

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