Help !!! power start button on birmingham Lathe

I just bought a Birmingham 12x36 gearhead lathe. Installed a 220v outlet in
the garage. Plugged it in and looked for the power start button. the manual
said there was one, but I could not find it. The only power button I could
find is the jog/inch button. That button just jogs the lathe. If I hold it
down it continues to run but I can't imagine that Birmingham had intended
the operator to hold the jog button down to turn parts. There is a red
reset button but that just breaks the circuit and shuts things off. There
is a green power light that looks like a button but it is just a light. It
can't be pushed. Were the heck is the button that lets the lathe run
continually without being held down???? The manual is very unclear and
amateur....Birmingham needs to hire a technical writer.
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There should be a handle controlling a "forward-reverse" switch on the apron. Typically, down for forward, up for reverse.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
Hey Kimball,
On many of these lathes, the "spindle" control is a lever on the carriage. It is most easily identified if the machine has more than one long shaft low and tucked in behind the carriage across the front of the lathe running from the headstock gear-case full length of the bed to the end of the lathe bed) . In every case, the first rod is to allow threading, and if there is only one, then there must be some other place to "start" the spindle. I would be very surprised though if you have a "JOG" button and ONLY one long shaft (the lead screw). I suspect that you do in fact have three shafts..the upper one is threaded, and rotates when you want to do threading; ...the middle one is to drive the carriage when NOT threading, and is quite plain; ....and the lower one is connected to the lever on the side of the carriage to do what you are asking about... lift up for REVERSE SPINDLE (clockwise)...CENTER for OFF..and push DOWN for FORWARD SPINDLE (counter-clockwise).
One nice thing about the JOG button is that it shows that you have the machine wired up correctly.
Take care.
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Brian Lawson
Maybe they wired in the wrong switch on your machine? The one that should have been on/off is instead jog/inch? Normally there isn't a jog/inch switch on a lathe! - GWE
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Grant Erwin
Hey Grant,
Hmmmm.. I hate to argue, but I've got three lathes, and two of them have a jog button. In fact, at the moment, I have a fourth here for "repair", and it has a jog button also.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
You were right It was the handle on the carriage the 3rd shaft down.
Thanks to all !!!
Now I will start fiddling to find out how to do things. Already figured out the threading.
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Thanks to all for the help. I found it as one reply suggested on the carriage.. very long handle which conects to the 3rd shaft down.
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