HH60 final update:

Well, bought a carb kit and went through the carb. Even removed Welch plugs which is something I have never done. Then checked valve lash. Exhaust was perfect at .012. Intake calls for .008. It was around .

007. Intake valve had lots of carbon on top of it.

Took intake valve out and cleaned it. Had a nice shinny ring already on the valve and seat in the block. I lapped these anyway. Took a little off the end of the valve with rough sandpaper. .008 feeler gauge would go in but a hair tight. .009 would not go in. I left it at that.

Exhaust valve had no =93shinny ring=94 on the valve or seat. I lapped these as well.

Got it started and adjusted the jets on the carb. I feel there can be some more adjustment. Is there a way to get a good =93tune=94 on these carbs?

One thing I did notice is a couple of times while idling I heard a =93whine=94 for a second. It could be vibration from the times on the garage floor I don=92t know. Almost sounds like a bearing? Not sure what it could be but only lasted a second.

Anyway there is my update. I guess I will play with the carb some more, change the oil in the tiller and motor and put it in the shed for spring. One thing I have not done is operate the tiller under a load. If it is working now, will it be ok once it is tilling ground?

Thanks for all your help!

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