separating 'glued' metal

Hi all, I am not sure if this group can help me....

I am trying to separate a metal "cap" which is on a metal tube. the "cap" and the tube looks like they are glued together. The adhesive looks yellowish and is kind of soft (maybe contact cement). I have tried hammering the cap to pop it off, but it doesnt even budge. Is there a solvent that will dissolve the adhesive.

Thanks V

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Most glues soften when heated. So just play a torch on it for a while and see if it'll come off.


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Gary Coffman

The solvent name MEK or use a hair dryer

from Tam

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That hair dryer sounds like a good idea. They're good for peeling off labels stickers too. Back when I had more hair I saw a 1500 watt job.


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m II

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