Looking for thin braded metal security wire

I have a electronic device that I always worry about losing/disappearing of
my desk. It has a small hole for a security wire, but none are sold. The
unit is a HP Jornada 720 PDA. I went on the Jornada NG and could not get an
answer, I wrote HP, nothing selling there. Where can I buy this wire the
stores use to secure their merchandize to the counters. It looks like a very
fine braded wire, and then it's held together by some crimped devise,
probably squeezed by a pair of strong pliers. Where do I get this stuff? Any
help is appreciated.......Peter
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I think the key word here is "Cable". Some of the hardware stores around here sell a wide variety of grades and sizes. Should'nt be too hard to find what you want from a well stocked place...
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