Welding plug question, cheater adapter

I want ot run my ac welder which has a 50 amp plug, I bought a 50 amp receptacle to adapt to a dryer cord. My question is the the 50 amp plug has

3 wires terminal, 2 hots and ground , the dryer cord has 4 wire, 2 hots a neutral and ground.

Whats the best way to handle the ground? should I eliminate the neutral wire and just use the ground in the 50 amp receptacle box or should I connect the ground and neutral togeather in the receptacle box to ground terminal.

I need a portable pigtail for doing off the property jobs, where 50 amp plug not available without jumping at the panel.. I use a correct hookup at home. I have others who have done it, but I'm unclear on the grounding of this.

amc at look dot ca

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Neutral is not used in 240 wiring. It is only used where you need a 120 volt circuit. Neutral must never be tied to ground at any place except in the service entrance panel.


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Gary Coffman

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