12-volt matrix input->output?

Rich Grise, Plainclothes Hippie wrote:

Erm, can point out anywhere in this thread that I have proposed using a PIC for this project, or indeed anything electronic?
I wrote purely in response to a self-confessed PIC Virgin, who seemed to want to develop skills in using them. I wrote purely about the learning process.
It is extremely unlikely that a PIC will be the most appropriate solution for a one-off project being undertaken by someone who has never used one. It's much the same as suggesting that a "welding virgin" welds two bits of aluminium together, when a pop rivet will do.
However, just as spending a bit of time learning to weld aluminium can come useful in project after project after project, spending the time learning to program PICs can pay off, if you have project after project after project to complete.
I notice that, in another thread, when I suggested the poster considered using a portable generator instead of an inverter + batteries, you didn't complain about me not describing in detail how to spec the generator. Yet you seem to think that a PIC solution can't be suggested without that level of detail included...
There is an advantage to mentioning the possibility of using a PIC in a thread - even when the OP clearly hasn't got the necessary skills. I am sure that the OP, and other readers unfamiliar with PICs, will see the number of times that they are suggested and get to maybe start thinking that they are missing out and it might be worth spending a bit of time adding them to their skill set.
BTW, it is extremely easy to give you an example of where a PIC will be cheaper than using a standard astable. A PIC "astable" circuit board can be reprogrammed in situ to change parameter over a huge range - with no change in physical components. Or the same board can be reprogrammed to an entirely different functionality, with no change in physical components. Rather than develop and stock a large number of boards for different applications, you just develop one, stock one and just program it for the application, when it is put into use.

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