i need some information about HVDC. Would anybody in this group help
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Your question is too vague.
1. Google for Itapu 2. Google for High voltage DC 2. Join a library
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what do you want to know about HVDC?? I am an electrical engineer and did my dissertation on "The impact of line parameter and harmonic filters on the effective operation of a HVDC Overhead line".
regards spitfire
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The ABB website contains very good documentation on thier HVDC offerings. Good white papers, studies, and aplication notes.
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Matthew Beasley
What I'd like to find is a good referene on the pre-1956 history of HVDC - there's bits and pieces of stuff on the Thury system (constant-current series-connected motor-generator sets up to 100 kV) on the Web, for instance, but I've not yet hit the local university engineering library to find some more complete description. ABB's Web site is really good about Uno Lamm and mercury arc valves, though.
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Bill Shymanski
The March/April 2007 issue of "Power & Energy Magazine", published by IEEE, is devoted to HVDC. It has a series of articles on the subject. See if you can beg or borrow a copy.
Ben Miller
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Ben Miller

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