Automation Direct PLC help!

Hello all,

We have a new small machine that has a Automation Direct DL06 PLC attached to it.

We are a small company and have designed a machine to help in our day to day operation.

Neither me nor our electrian has ever programmed a PLC.

We also have the handheld programmer and the DirectSoft32 software to programme with.

We need to tell a stepper motor to turn a specific amount of pulses (200 step per rev. motor) and than turn off and than tell a air cylinder to activate via a air valve. The cylinder will hit a limit switch to stop. The air cylinder will go back and the cycle will start all over.

Can anyone direct us in the right direction of how to program this small cycle?

Thanks very much!

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There are books on the subject. I write an outline covering the big points then I start programming. Tell your electrician that there is a difference between relay logic and plc logic. Build yourself a simple program with the examples in the manual. and try it out. Or seek help from a local guy. For me PLC's are all the same, it is just the difference in memory locations and key strokes to get them to follow orders.. Good luck

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