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Hi all, forgive me if this isn't the correct group for such a simple question. If its not the right newsgroupe please kindly redirect me to the appropriate group.

I'm planning on building a homebrew midi guitar, and i am wondering what the best thing to use for a pickup is. I'm new to electronics, i think i can manage to build the midi controller with a pic chip. What I wanna do is monitor 6 analog sensors (one for each string) and send the velocity/amplitude info out as a midi note..

I plan to use regular guitar strings, shortened, with no fret, so that they produce the same note. I'm thinking one piezo disk for each string, with a filter on each to recieve only the note produced by that string to prevent cross talk, but is there something better I could use? Hall effect sensors? electret mics? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ofcourse if anyone knows of any home brew midi guitar projects links or info would be great. Thanks in advance for any info.

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Roland makes a good off the shelf midi pickup. I believe it is the GK3A. It also allows you to mix the MIDI signal with the pickups IIRC.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, but I should also mention that I have no clue how to play Guitar, and no honest desire to learn. What I'd like is to be able to program the chords into the MCU, and trigger them by strumming.

I'm not sure a ready made midi pickup would work for this. I could try to program the MCU to recieve the midi from the Roland, and then transpose it to the desired chord, and then output it.. but that would require twice the processor power.

The other problem I would have with that solution is price :)

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