Brain Injury Again - By Lasers While Sleeping

Fortunately, there are secret pills that will make your brain immune to all lasers. However you have to know the secret. These pills are known by the anti-mind control elite as 'antipsychotics' and they are only available from an elite secret group called 'psychiatrists'. It's the perfect disguise: people think 'psychiatrists' are some sort of crazy doctor who performs mind control. The government agents also try to convince everyone that anyone who visits a 'psychiatrist' is insane, in order to prevent people from obtaining these pills. It's a propaganda war and the government agents have been very effective. So much so that just about everyone thinks anyone who takes 'antipsychotics' is insane. But the anti-mind control underground know better. Your mission is to try to find one of the secret elite 'psychiatrists', and tell him about the lasers that the murderous agents are shooting at you. He will recognize you as one of the underground and provide you with the secret pills if you supply the details that prove to him that government agents really are trying to control or kill you. But you must not tell

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