Electrocution, Lasers hitting eyes - 24 hours and while asleep

Electrocution, Lasers hitting eyes - 24 hours and while asleep


The criminals in the area are continuing to electrocute and injure me with lasers. Meanwhile, the gremlins on the internet connection (phone lines and ISP related etc.) are probably using a local area network of neighbors with DSL connections to control my PC. They have blocked my news posts completely for the past several days. My last post was several days ago. Ever since I have been struggling and reloading and restarting and trying to get the connection back. It still does not work. Even google gave an error until just now.

Last night for example, both my eyes were hit by a powerful laser through the shielding while I was asleep. This knocks you out and holds you in sleep state. In addition there were other beacons hitting the side of the head and the back. #1290, #1291, #1295, #1053 Mckay Dr, Los Esteros vehicles, etc. are all involved in such electrocution and hypnosis. When I woke up at ~ midnight < after a terrible dream showing a little boy being rushed on a hillside and falling into a ravine. White men were surrounding him when he lost balance and tumbled down an incline >, the two criminals youths in #1053 were in their vehicles stopped in the driveway. They must be controlling this activity from their CD players and watching the electrocution. They are certainly one of the primary electrocution people. They control all the devices around to direct the beacons at me. Even right now as I write this there is a beacon hitting the right side of my face and electrocuting me !

Meanwhile my internet and phone connections are being blocked when I try to use them.

This is a report to the people responsible to take action against these high criminals. I have been posting accounts of my injuries and electrocution for over 2 1/2 years now ! Everyone is continuing as if nothing is wrong ! These criminals come back the next day and do it again !



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You know, there IS medication that is very effective for SOME schizophrenics. Contact your local psychiatrist. Think about it, you could be free of the torture and able to cope again.

And no, I'm NOT send>

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So how did this post get through?

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

It must be very difficult living in a world where youre sure lots of people are out to get you. Poor bugger.

Regards, NT

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N. Thornton

This is the web site of the Santa Clara County Mental Health Department:

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This is their phone number:

Main 24-Hour Number 408-279-3312 (San Jose Area).

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David Wood



The killers are changing electrocution methods and perpetrators on the ground every day and night. Besides, the lasers in the sky are being used to hide the perpetrators on the ground. They connect to the lasers in the sky and activate the electrocution devices all around using the sky devices. Several helicopters and planes are in use for coordinating the electrocution after ~ 6 pm every night.

Perhaps the thinking is that sharing the guilt will lessen it somehow. This is how rape turns into gang rape. Everyone is slowly getting implicated whether you like it or not. Many of them say they are doing it for the sake of their family, etc. ie. they do not have any alternative. Refusal would mean end of career (and life too !). Trapped in a life of crime !

The network of beacons around my house seems to be the foundation for the electrocution : #1908 Beaufort Terrace satellite dish, #1291, #1290, #1295, #1296, #1298, #1051, #1053, #1057 (Dish Network dishes too), #1065, #1211 (Diamante), #1215 (Diamante), #1299, #12/1035 (Los Esteros), #13/1035, #42/1035 (Los Esteros), #21/1035(Los Esteros), #22/1035 (Los Esteros), etc. etc. At this point, I have to really look hard to find the people who are not involved in some way with this kind of electrocution activity around here. No one is unaware of it. Perhaps not everyone is aware of what exactly the creeps are doing remotely from jail or fire departments or other remote locations such as education building, etc. Last night, for example, I think the electrocution using a deathly beam that shines right into your head or body was probably controlled by the old chinese man in #1051 McKay < the Chinese church guy from Maryland seems to have gone on vacation or left the house to a new set of people >

If you are wondering what the helicopters or planes are doing flying all over the sky with lights flashing, this is what they are doing with all the resources of the government. If people knew what they were doing, I bet there would be far fewer perpetrators around ! Put the victims in charge of these goons. That will bring them down to size. Then, you can watch what they do. And the moment you spot their great 'talents' in electrocution rising up into view, you can show them the positive side of matters (ie. social security or none depending on degree of revulsion).


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