Mains hum + RF interference

Hi Group

I'm looking for a simple solution to an annoying problem.

On my PC I've got a set of external (mains powered) speakers. I've got a couple of annoying problems that I'm sure should be rectifiable, but I don't know how!

  1. When the speakers are turned up high I hear a mains (60Hz) hum.
  2. I sometimes get really heavy interference from what sounds like local walkie-talkie / taxi service / emergency service (mainly noticable when the speakers are (i.e. powered up) but have no audio output going to them.

Any ideas how to stop this?


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Den Murray
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It looks to me you have a ground problem. In order to detect a modulated carrier you must have a detector (a non linear connection) A bad ground. Have all grounds together and grounded only at one location.


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