Simple a/c relay solution needed

I have a 240V room AC for my shop in which the thermostat has "bit the dust". I only need the AC to turn on when the temperature exceeds about 80F and turn off at around 90F. I don't need anything fancy - just a thermostat that is capable of turning the *entire* system (compressor and fan) on and off. So of course it must be capable of handling the full load at startup. Is there any off-the-shelf unit that I can get to do this (without breaking the bank)? I'm thinking of combining a simple thermostat and relay, but don't want to spend money on the project blindly - and frankly (though I am quite handy with electrical wiring) am not familiar with the industry abbreviations.. That makes ordering parts difficult...


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Richard Ogden
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on at 80 & off at 90 ? sounds more like heating.

if you mean on at 90 & off at 80, we need to know the size of the AC unit to tell u what size relay/contactor to get.. could be 5kw could be 50kw


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Try here:

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It seems as though you have your temps reversed and a little more info on the unit would help. I'm just guessing but I would think that the "broken" temp control in the unit does not handle line voltage.

Eric S.

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Eric Svendson

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