RE: UP, a simple solution.

I have a simple solution to the UP problem.

If you don't like UP's stance, don't buy any of their branded product.

Buy other lines or buy Undecorated and create your own decals.

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True but...

What if all the other roads see how easy it is for UP to do this and do the same thing?

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Then we all pay 5% more or buy undecorated.

It was interesting when I helped Athearn do the CalTrain Bombadier commuter cars. Got some photos, Athearn decided to produce them, so I put them in contact with CalTrain marketing which said, "Great. What neat publicity. Thanks!" to Athearn. As a thank you (from me since Caltrain also was a great help in getting me access to the yard for photos), I gave one of the production cars to my contact there. They love it.

Why can't other roads see the PR value in this? Oh well, marketing is generally not rocket science. I'll bet the roads don't even cover their marketing time with the fees generated, and the blanket permission upon request would cost about 90% less. Sigh.


in article, MrRathburne at wrote on 1/7/04 11:00 AM:

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Edward A. Oates

If it's their legal right, then so what?

Kent in SD

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Actually, as far as UP is concerned, a Final Solution might be better.

I suppose they wish to charge a fee for using the name Credit Moblier too!



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It's that very stupidity and general corporate legal bloody- mindedness of the UP stance that annoys me. Marketing as practiced is indeed not rocket science, and the practitioners are certainly not rocket scientists; more like NASA and Thiokol management types. If only they were aboard when the seals blew.

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Steve Caple

Personally, I'm pretty much fine by the UP name to be charged, since it is still in operation, but adding the D&RGW, C&NW, MoPac, etc to that list, of which are fallen flags would be like me deciding that after I gave somebody money and told them it was free, then to go back a year later and ask for that money back... that's the logic I see in it... NONE



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snipped-for-privacy@aol.comSPAMnot (Two23) wrote in news:

Believe me, just because it is legal doesn't make it good policy.

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Woodard R. Springstube

It can be argued that they lost that right by not doing anything about it for 100 years...

Paul A. Cutler III

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Pac Man


Coke is in the soft drink business. Try selling a Coke box car, Coke HO billboard, Coke key chain, Coke condom , etc without their permission.

Or do a Disney character series of box cars and tell Disney it's none of their business.

Methinks they'd disagree.

Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"

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Mike Tennent

But of course those aren't models, are they? Awaiting your links to prototype photos of the Diet Coke boxcar or the Pluto reefer . . .

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Steve Caple

So what? Nice. Is it their legal right to BAN any use of ALL roadnames on products? So what, no more decals, or decorated cars? And why not have ACF ban the use of any of their car shapes? No more hobby so what.

So what is a saying for losers and quitters.

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But what does being a "model" have to do with it?

It's the trademark that would seem to matter.

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Mark Mathu

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