Building A Simple R/C Plane

I have a very simple Air Hog F-16 Falcon R/C plane. Basically, it's
just a small styrofoam plane with a small motor and fuel pack, which
connect to two propellers via a wire. The make is basic enough that
I'm wondering if I can buy these parts seperately at a hobby store and
attach them to a much bigger styrofoam glider that I have. The RC plane
is 14 inches long from nosetip to end, with a wing span of about one
foot. The plane I want to modify is 18 inches long with a two foot
wingspan. I'm new to RC planes, so I'm not sure the difficulty level
involved in this (looks simple enough, though), or what size
motor/propellers/fuel cells I will need, and how expensive this would
all be. I also considered that the materials would have to be
compatible with my current remote and charger. Has anyone else here
done something similar? Any comments, suggestions, thoughts? Thanks.
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What your saying is very possible. Go for it. I was flying in an indoor football practice field Wed. night and there were as many as 10 planes there made of blue sheet foam. At one point, during mortal combat, someone yelled "which one is mine!" The reply was "The Blue one!" (they were all blue) For Parts try
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