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Hi, I have a meter that monitors electrical energy use using a clamp on sensor. The result is transmitted wirelessly to a display. I would like to log the usage over time but when I measure the voltage across the clamp meter using a DMM it is zero. Is this to be expected? Is there any other way of doing this, without buying another clamp meter? Thanks for any help, Rod

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Make? Model? Give us something to work with.

Charles Perry P.E.

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Charles Perry

The clamp meter is to measure only the AC current. It can not measure the voltage. But if you assume the voltage to be constant, you will be within 2-5% off the correct energy calculation.

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Lessee. I think your question is:"Is there anyway I can turn my power meter into a logging device having no information at all?"

The answer is YES! Computer people do useful things all the time starting with absolutely no information about anything. To them it's a game and they do it for fun!

So. Here's your answer. You hook up the power meter. Put the remote display near your computer. Focus your webcam on the display. Write decoding software to convert the display image into power values. Write the logging software that stores, plots and evaluates those readings and you are done! And you didn't have to buy another clamp-on meter! Problem solved!

I'm glad I could totally solve your problem for you!

Benj (Who notes that to REALLY "solve" the problem the way a computerist would, I should have only given you a website address and THEN claimed I'd "solved" your problem for you, rather than actually outlining how to do it.)

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