Computer and photo size questions

I'm confused about something and since this newsgroup is pretty active, I figured my questions would be answered fairly quick and most of all; accurate.

I took a picture with a 5 Mega Pixel camera and the picture is approx. 2000 x 2600. The file size Windows XP makes it is 2MB.

My questions are:

how can I calculate the 2MB so in the future I know how much space a picture will use?

How do I get this picture to be 300 dpi or how do I convert 5 Mega Pixel into dpi??

If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. I know part of my question is windows related and the other is a photo question, but I'm hoping someone can combine the two answers for me.

Thanks in advance

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The camera makes the file 2Mb not Windows.

What format are you using? Jpg, bmp, raw? Different compression methods will have a large difference on file size, as will the content of the picture. With the Jpg format there are several different levels of compression. This coupled with varying image content will make it hard to 'pre calculate' the file size.



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Neither M$oft Windows nor digital photography are anything to do with electrical engineering.

I suggest you try a Windows group and/or a digital photography group.

There are undoubtedly people here that could help - but you will find far more of them, with a much wider range of experience, within a more appropriate group.

If you want to do a little research first, you could try finding out more about graphics file formats and the difference between bitmapped file formats and lossy file formats.

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IrfanView is the easiest photo program out there. I has buttons that will resize your picture from one size to another with the click of a button. You can also do it manually if you want. There are more powerful programs out there. I got my copy on Tucows as freeware many years ago. I do have Photo shop and some other high powered/priced proggys that came with my Epson scanner.

Change the picture down to 640x480 you will loose a lot of the size

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