Hi. I'm in france and we've just had our house converted from 3 phase
to single phase. Didn't think we had any 3 phse appliances until the
Heating pump ceased to work. I checked the plate on the pump motor and
it appears to be either 3 phase or mono phase. its quite a small pump
but would be an absolute pain to change it.
The name plate states
Tri 220/380v 0.13A to 0.08 A
Mono 220v 0.18A
There are 6 terminals, the top 3 are all strapped together at the
moment and the phases are connected to the bottom 3. There is no
other information or connection diagrams on or in the plate.
Can you help me with how to change the connections and strapping to
get it to work on single phase 220v.
There is no capacitor visible on it.... would I need one..if so what
size and how would it be connected.
Many thanks in advance if you can help.. its getting cold here at
night in the Alps.
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If it were me I'd buy a small inverter from ebay, wire it in delta (sounds like it's in star at the moment) and set minimum speed to 50Hz....
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Go ahead and change it. You will have to sooner or later anyway.
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Tim Perry

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