Just a simple questtion I'm sure...

I ran into a little problem today that I'm quite sure is due to my
lack of experience with SW (Just started to play with it last week).
I have a top level assembly that has two sub assembly components in
it. One part on one of the assemblys needs to be aligned with a part
on the other assembly. Not mated but just lined up to match. I
edited the assembly containing the part to be aligned, but when I
tried to "mate it or relationship) it to the other part the software
told me that I could not do that.
I know that this type of editing a component in one assembly to align
with another part in another assembly must be done all the time, I
just don't know how.... Any suggestions??
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In each subassembly leave whatever degrees of freedom unconstrained that must move to get your alignment to work. Then in the top level assembly make each subassembly a flexible subassembly using the properties accessible through a right mouse click on the components.
I will tell you that using flexible assemblies can hurt performance. But as an excercise this ought to be interesting.
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Because it's been answered many, many, many times and all the poster need do is look.
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I just wanted to thank everyone who helped....
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