I'm just wandering...

Is there someone who is looking for a good Solidworks API programmer? I'm looking for a job in this field. I'm tired to do programming as a second priority or just for fun.

Skills & Experience:

- API Solidworks programming using VBA, VB6

- Web development using HLML, XML, ASP, ViewPoint Technology (VET), Javascript

- SolidWorks 2006

Any suggestions are welcome. THX

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I know there's companies that use some sort of software to create macros that build parts in difference CAD applications so that their models are native to whatever CAD requested.

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uses a company like does that for their solid models (see "other cad applications" in their download area).

In the meantime, do you have any cool api programs/macros that used you'd like to share? :)

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I would be reluctant to hire a "wander" -er. I wonder if you would stay?

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One place I would look is in the PDM field. Any of the PDM packages I have looked at have an API interface and at some point would need customizing or maintainance. For example you could take your web experience plus SW API and turn it into creating web interfaces for PDM.

The next place I would look is in SW automation. There are many companies that do repetitive tasks that could be automated. And there is the possibility of incorporating calculations into a model vis a vis Roark and Young. Programming macro features also come to mind. Automating modeling standards comes to mind too. You would have to put a portfolio together showing solutions you have done to catch the eye of a company in need.

As far as doing API just for fun versus doing it full time, the quality and maintainability of your code would be the biggest question. Some kind of certification would be another. And references would be another.

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