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We have several contactor type switches that have burned contacts. The electrician tells us we have to replace the complete unit since the points are no longer available. The units are Siemens. Is there a fix or parts source that handles older parts in western Canada? TIA, Randy

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Randy Zimmerman
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What size contactors are we talking about ?

With small contactors its just as easy and cost affective to replace the whole contactor.

with larger contactors (> 75KW), there are several companies that will manufacture replacement contacts.


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Back in my steelmaking days we dealt with a company called "Canadian Contact Supply" that was exactly in the business of making renewal contacts for old motor control. A quick Google search gave nothing, though - they are either not on the Web or else are out of business (it was at least 6 or 7 years ago that I last dealt with them).

There won't be anything in western Canada - market is too small and shipping is too easy.


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Bill Shymanski

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