Cost of buy American Act question?

Here in alaska we purchased American Fittings' (a New Jersey Co.) 1/2 inch
EMT connectors for $68 for 50 each. The made in China fittings that were of
better quality were $20 for 50 each. The made in America fittings cannot
be installed with 430 Channelocks without disassembling the connector
because there is not enough metal between the nut and the compression ring.
Additonally, it took over an hour to find the made in American fittings
since only one company makes them.
My question is: I understand there is a Department of Defense Policy letter
to the edffect that if made in America fittings cost over twice the Made in
China fittings then the Made in China fittings can be used. Is this true
and what is the number of the policy letter?
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Gerald Newton
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On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:04:22 GMT, "Gerald Newton" Gave us:
AFAIK Ever since mil spec was killed for electronics, allowing COTS to come in, you can source a LOT of hardware at your whim.
The important factors here would also include the base metal used, and the platings, if any. Corrosion resistance plays a big part, 'cause they want it to last.
In other words... Is all cast Zinc the same?
Probably, since japanese and other country made carburetors are reliable, and they are cast Zinc as well.
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