Custom PLC Programs Generated Automatically

Sorry if this seems like spam, but I need some people to test out a
product I recently launched called The PLC Code Generator. It can
generate an entire PLC program from simple input and output details and
associations and a well-defined machine sequence for Allen-Bradley and
Omron PLC's with Siemens coming soon (all I/O info is added to the
software via cut-and-paste and associations are defined using
It's being offered free until December 11th and was hoping there may be
some people in here that could try it. It's not just a matter of
trying, though, as it will currently create the program for you. Our
initial results are giving us an overall time savings of well over 80%
to develop custom machine programs.
The website address is
formatting link

We have an online forum posted on the website and in the software, so
if you have questions or run into problems, please post them there.
Thanks in advance!
Darrell Yensen
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