Driving large power MOSFETs ?

I need to drive a power MOSFET with an op amp.
What do I need between the op amp and the MOSFET ?
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For more, you need to specify which op amp, which MOSFET and what application...
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I've got the transfer function and all that figured out. No problem there.
I'm using an LM324 to drive a IFXH20N60. (20A, 600V with built in diode...)
Someone once told me about putting a cap in the gate circuit to enhance the life of the MOSFET. But I don't remember why.
The gate looks like a small capacitor, right ? If so, do I need a resistor to ground to drain the cap when the op amp output goes to 0 volts ? Or will the output of the opamp sink current from the gate ?
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