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the residential garage has 2x4 construction all over,no type of wall or ceiling plans to cover. at the end of rafters/on top is where i plan to run my branch circuits.the trusses are 2` on centers,Am i allowed to just place the wires in this V area and have them sit on top of joist/ truss? If there ever was to be storage overhead it would just be in the middle/peak area.I usually drill, But these are only 2x4 and it would not look appropriate,,Thankyou!

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You are right, you don't drill trusses. You should run these wires on running boards if there is any chance of damage.

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What Country?

Makes a big difference..


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Kirk Johnson

USA" new england area thankyou

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Albert Albert (Albert Albert) wrote in news:7631-438E49C4-330

What you are planning is fine, if I understand you correctly. Remember that the romex must be secured to the structure (Read cable staples) every 4 ft minimum in an attic space. I would suggest PVC conduit and boxes up to just above the bottom of the truss bottoms. Remember also that any garage circuits must be GFCI protected.

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