Is it possible in a garage?

Dear Sirs,
please, could you suggest me if it is possible to manufacture
a compact mirror like this
formatting link
a garage labor?
could you suggest how much around would cost equipment
to make this?
thank you
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Possible??? Certainly. By you, if you have to ask these questions, then probably not. At least, not before Christmas, so don't go lying to the wife about why you have to buy all those tools to make one for her!!
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Brian Lawson
=============================== Amateur astronomers have long made their own mirrors. Pick up a book on telescope mirror making.
Parabolic telescope mirrors have been manufactured for a long time. Consider the working conditions when this started -- no central heat, no air conditioning, no lighting other than candles, but they got the job done. It won't be fast, but you can do it almost anywhere, even the kitchen. Biggest problem will be keeping stray abrasive particles [dust] out as you near completion.
Kits are available -- see the astronomy magazines.
Uncle George --------- Astronomi dilettantistici hanno lungo fatto i loro propri specchi. Raccolga un libro su creazione di specchio di telescopio. Specchi del telescopio parabolici sono fabbricati da molto tempo. Consideri le condizioni che lavorano quando questo cominciò--nessuno calore centrale, nessuno aria condizionando nessuna illuminazione altro che le candele, ma loro ottennero il lavoro fatto. Non sarà veloce, ma Lei può farlo quasi dovunque, anche la cucina. Il più grande problema terrà particelle abrasive e disperse [il polvere] fuori come Lei si avvicina a completamento. Equipaggiamenti sono disponibili--veda i periodici di astronomia. Zio Giorgio
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F. George McDuffee
Maybe. You didn't say how big your garage is and where it is located. If it is a vacant airplane hanger located in the middle of a large field, you might be OK.
You need to talk to your local government authorities and find out what the building code requirements are for such an operation. Here are a few things that my local government requires:
* Building must be fire proof construction using steel and/ or concrete
* Building must have large doors at either end so that fire fighting equipment can drive through without having to turn around within.
Machinery must be placed at least 5 metres away from the nearest wall and the area kept clean and clear so that fire fighting equipment can drive in the space between the wall and machinery.
* You agree to have unannounced fire inspections conducted on your premises at least once a month. If any infractions are found, you will be immediately shut down and may never be allowed to start up again.
Your building must have an automatic fire sprinkler system installed. The water supply to your building must be adequate to support the sprinkler system. If it is not, upgrading of city water mains to your premises is at your expense.
* Feedstock for your injection molding machinery and any other combustable material must be stored in a prescribed manner in a separate standalone building of fire proof construction located at least 100 metres from the manufacturing facility.
Any fumes, vapors or odors emitted from the manufacturing process must be recaputured and must not be found beyond a 500 metre radius of the manufacturing facility. No other building must be located within a 1000 metre radius of the manufacturing facility.
* Plastic resin feedstock is a hazardous material and fumes are toxic. You must wear appropriate safety equipment at all times and must have certified medical personnel on site at all times as a condition of your operating license.
Why would you want to make it? A Made in China mirror like that retails for $1.20 and is included as a free gift with the purchase of $100.00 worth of cosmetics. Around here, $100.00 worth of cosmetics = one 25ml bottle of perfume and one stick of lipstick. You could purchase more than a lifetime supply of mirrors at wholesale direct from China for less than the cost of machinery.
The real cost is not in the machinery but rather in the cost of compliance with government regulations. What I've outlined above applies in all cases, no matter whether you have one injection molding machine the size of a household refigerator or 10,000 of them in a large factory -- as soon as you turn one on, you become a manufacturing facility and must meet all FIRE, ENVIRONMENTAL, and HEALTH AND SAFETY laws that apply to such a manufacturing facility in your jurisdiction. These laws are usually written with large factories in mind.
For example, if I were planning to set up an operation with only one small injection molding machine in my jurisdiction, I would have to ask myself, can one machine generate enough revenue so that I can afford:
a) A parcel of land large enough so that no other building is located within a 1000 metre radius of my manufacturing facility in order to meet fire code regulations?
b) Pollution control equipment to prevent any odor from escaping beyond a 500 metre radius of my manufacturing facility (pass a sniff test on a windy day) in order to meet environmental regulations?
c) To pay a licensed medical doctor to be on my premises when my machine is in operation in order to meet health and safety regulations?
In my case, no way! And, if I decide to break the law, I will find myself being a permanent guest of the government in a large house where all my needs will be taken care of as soon as my neighbor takes a sniff of the fumes, vapors, and odors coming out of my residential car garage.
Perhaps, the laws are different where you live but, I would check with the local authorities before purchasing any equipment. The cost of compliance with local laws and regulations may be many orders of magnitude greater than the cost of machinery.
Here is a recent example of environmental laws in action:
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Can you provide some idea of size and material. ?
Doing a couple of mirrors by hand is certainly possible. It is much much easier to by a blank and finish the polishing.
If you are doing quantity then you need a lens grinder and polisher. Cost starting about $10,000 and going up.
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