Generac transfer switch exploding

Does anyone have any knowledge as to why a 100A whole-house transfer switch coil would explode? Mine and someone I know has one that did. Mine occured upon power restoration from a brown-out. I don't know the circumstances for the other one.


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Ryan Evans
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by "explode" i presume you mean that it melted down into a useless glob of metal.

after a storm, lightning, power failure or other external non-normal occurrence things like this can happen. without knowing all the circumstances it is imposable to guess correctly as to the exact cause.

id suggest you get a licensed master electrician to look at your instillation. he might spot a miswire, undersized cable, oversized fuses, missing ground, or any number of other things.

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Tim Perry

Contactor coil I presume. I'm not familiar with the Generac unit's operation. Is the coil energized upon power loss or restoration? What voltage does it operate on (AC or DC)?

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

Don't know the specifics of the transfer switch you're asking, but here is one 'bit'.

Some commercial transfer switches have coils that are only meant to operate momentarily. The switch mechanically latches in place. If a wiring error causes the coil to remain energized for even a short time (couple of minutes), it will burn out. These types of switches will have two coils, one to transfer to alternate supply, and another to transfer back to normal. With the generator running, and the normal supply restored, perhaps the mis-wire was keeping the switch on generator power *and* the transfer coil to restore to normal was being energized to try and transfer back. The switch doesn't move, but the coil(s) burns out.


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