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Hi all,
I am trying to log data from a Haicom 204-E GPS device onto a PC (writing a
and have two questions about the data.
The output standard is in NMEA-0183 v2.20
I hooked it up to HyperTerminal and got the following output (repeating
every second):
The manual says that it supports GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC and VTG messages
yet I don't see the GLL message there and that is the one I wish to pull the
data from (I only want lat and long).
It has enough satellites for a 3d-Fix.
My question is can I use the latitude and longitude data from the GGA or RMC
Additionally I noticed that there is a difference between the value there
and the value displayed
on the software that came with the unit.
In a particular recorded instance:
From hyperterminal: Longitude: 15304.4874E Latitude: 2731.7213S
format: dddmm.mmmm
From Boxed program: Longitude: 15308.8740 Latitude: 2738.2130
unknown format
I was thinking maybe they have a different format but I tried a few
conversions and nothing seemed to match.
4 minutes is a large distance on the ground! Any help with this would be
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Marc W
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Yes you can use the GGA or RMC sentence to obtain lat/lon. Many applications do so.
Maybe due to a datum shift. Is the receiver and software both set to the same datum such as WGS84/NAD83, or NAD27, or international etc.?
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