has anyone made this kind of socket?

The idea is for a US style grounded "U" pin (e.g. NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 6-15,

6-20, and 7-15) socket to be combined with a spring loaded switch or circuit breaker in the same device, ready to fit in the box where a duplex receptacle would be placed. The switch would control power to the socket blades. A mechanism at the back of the ground pin well would disengage the switch lockout when the ground pin is fully inserted. Then the switch (or circuit breaker) would be switched on to get power. If the plug is pulled out, that mechanism in the ground pin well would release the spring charge on the switch to open the circuit quickly (presuably before the plug is pulled so far as to break contact with the blades and arc in the open) and contain any arcing in the arc well.
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Sounds like a good idea, for limited applications.

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A swithced socket outlet with mechancal interlock. I've seen plenty of them, but not for NEMA type sockets, but then I don't get to see many of these anyway. They're quite common on high current connectors, e.g. 63A and 125A ceeform connectors.

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Stephen Furley

Check Crouse Hines, they make something similar, its' about the size of a Fosters beer can.

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BJ Conner

Some wiring-device manufacturers publish motor-disconnecting ratings, such as for their duplex receptacles: NEMA 5-15R - 0.5 hp, NEMA 5-20R - 1 hp and NEMA

6-20R - 2 hp.

--s falke

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s falke

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