Looking for British Standard plug/4mm socket adapter.

I am looking for an adapter to enable connection of 4mm shrouded plugs
to a BS socket so a multimeter can safely be plugged into a socket and
if the adapter is left it would not represent a hazard to a user of the
installation due to it's IP rating. A 13A BS plug with 4mm sockets
suitable for shrouded plugs will do.
Does any test equipment manufacturer make such an adaptor.
Also looking for BS plug with P connected (v. low Z) to E, but with a
*resettable* circuit breaker incorporated. This is for measurement of R1
plus R2 during faultfinding. The circuit breaker on plug required in
case the unit is left plugged in by mistake and the circuit is
energised. The circuit breaker for the final circuit will not
necessarily trip before the supply company fuse on some of the
installations worked on.
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Of course not, since multimeters are not intended for permanent installations.There are voltmeters intended for permanent installations, but they fit in boxes.
-- Dimitris Tzortzakakis,Greece
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Tzortzakakis Dimitrios

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