missing DLLs in Flukeview Forms

I have lost my CD-ROM for Flukeview (multimeter) version 2.0.0016. This
appears to be preventing Flukeview from establishing communication with
the COM port hence meter.
The missing DLLs are:
Could anyone assist please.
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take a look here
formatting link
I see they have a software download section.
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Does it have a HASP this programm because I worked in an A/C company and the HASP was missing.I also got a message that a DLL was missing.
-- Dimitris Tzortzakakis,Greece
Ï sQuick Ýãñáøå óôï ìÞíõìá óõæÞôçóçò: snipped-for-privacy@ersa.uk.clara.net...
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Tzortzakakis Dimitrios

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