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I am looking for some specific files found on the IEEE server. The files are unavaileable to me since i am not a IEEE member. Can somebody who is IEEE member get me these files as follows:

E. G. Marra and J. A. Pomilio, "Self excitet induction generator controlled by a VS-PMW bidirectional converter for rural applications"

K. R. Padiyar and A.M. Kulkarni, "Analysis and design of voltage control of static condenser".

B. Singh and L. B. Shilpakar, "Analysis of a novel solid state voltage regulator for a self-excitet induction generator"

A. Kh. Jabri. A. I. Alolah, "Limits on the performance of the tree-phase self-excitet induction generators".

A. Kh. Jabri. A. I. Alolah, "Capacitance requirement for isolated self-excitet induction generator".

E. Muljadi, T. Lipo, "Serie compensated PWM inverter with battery supply applied to an isolated induction generator".

L. Moran, P. Ziogas, G. Joos, "Analysis and design of a three phase solid state var compensator".

R. Leidhold, G. Garcia, "Variable speed field-oriented controlled induction generator"

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You need to join IEEE and then pay for the "Member Digital Library" subscription before you are legally entitled to download those documents.

Charles Perry P.E.

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Charles Perry

If you join, (and pay them) you'll be able to download them yourself.

Getting someone else to copy them for you is theft.

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