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This is my situation................

I have a property in Turkey and got Air conditioning put in, if you have never been to Turkey then the electrics are dodgy at best, anyhow a year down the line I have just noticed that one of the units switches itself on if the power is off then restored, as in when we leave the place for a period of time we switch off at the mains but when we return and switch the mains back on this automatically switches the aircon on, or if there is a power cut the same happens when power is restored.

I am back in the uk at the moment so cant give to much detail other than the units are wall fitted and have a remote control that allows for on/off or adjust the temp and hot or cold. The unit is wired straight into an existing wall socket so takes a direct feed from there. The system in turkey is 250v but they use a 2-pin plug rather than 3-pin. I dont have the name of the manufacturer or the instruction book as I have left out there, which I cant read as its in Turkish.

I dont really want to get another Turkish electrician if I can avoid it. I am hoping it maybe something simple like connecting the pos/neg wires the wrong way around. Can anyone (without being held responsible) give me any advice on this.


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Not sure if this will help but it sounds like the A/C is microprocessor controlled like a computer.

Standard PC computers have a power setting in the BIOS that allows you choose the behavior when power is disconnected and restored. You can have it stay OFF, Power UP, or Toggle off and on.

Needless to say, this would require some detailed technical knowledge of the documentation, if in fact, this feature exists. It may be that this modern A/C unit assumes you have a clean, reliable source of power and the designers did not consider a problem such as you have.

A stand alone solution would be to build a circuit with a latching contactor relay and a momentary push button and perhaps a pilot lamp.

When you want the AC On, you push the button, the contactor latches, the light comes on, and power is supplied to the A/C unit. Should the mains power drop out for any reason, the relay will unlatch and the button must be pushed again to reset the system.


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