How to connect a motor from a washing machine

When pensioning my old wash machine I took care of the motor, a Siemens 220V AC 18V5565-2BF 650/1300 turns/minute, and also of the startcapacitor 16uF.

When demounting the motor I did it the easy way, cutting the cable to the motor. My problem now is how to connect to capacitor and to switch for changing the turns of 650/1300. Even changing rotation direction by a switch.

The cable to the motor contains of five wires 1 blue and 4 black. A separate grounding wire is also there.

I have measured the Ohmvalues between the separate branches as you can se in the attached file.

Can you with guidance of the measuring give me a hint how to connect capasitor and switch and I wold be very grateful.

Blue bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4





Blue bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4

----37,6--- ----47,2-- ----------37,4---- -----------------44,1-----

Blue bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4

---------10,2------- --47,2-- --47,2-- ---------3,4--

Blue bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4

------------37,6------------ -----------37,4---- --47,2-- -44,6--

Blue bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4

-------10,2------------------------ -----------44,1---------- --------47,2-- -3,4--


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