Washing m/c 240 50Hz Connect to USA dryer plug??

Hi Everyone and thanks for the great discussion last October and November
that had the title:
Washing machine 240v, 50Hz --- 240v, 60 Hz?
The machine has now landed ;-) and it's time to test your suggestions. The
only connection I can make at present is the outlet of an electric dryer. I
looked for a suitable plug to connect into that dryer outlet but cannot find
one. I visited several big electric outlets, including Home Depot, and they
do not stock them. I was told it is Plug 1030R and costs $3.50 by an
electrical wholesaler with orders of $100 minimum. I have a 240v extension
box, with the correct European outlet for the washer, that takes up to 3.5
kW (washer max is 2.1 kW) and had planned to connect it into that dryer
outlet. That would be the easiest route but I would need help with the
wiring. I understand that older US dryer circuits, which this one is, have
some unusual connections.
A second more costly possibility is to buy a dryer cable, which is readily
available and then cut the leads and connect it to a box with a 240v, 20 A
outlet. Finally, connect the 240V, 20A plug on the extension box into that
I tried some searches online with words: electric, plug and 1030R in various
combinations but almost always had chaff.
Help appreciated.
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