Washing machine motor

The transmission has given out in my clothes washer. I'm just about ready to haul it to the recyclers. Are the 110 motors in these things worth pulling out for possible future shop projects??

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Depends on what you want to do with it. Most of them are 1/2HP two-speed motors, but they have exposed windings and no standard mounts. Make a mount and cover and it would be good for all kinds of projects.


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I put a new tranny in our washing machine (kind of an odd name for a contraption that washes clothes aint it?) last year after the dealer told me the new clothes washers are crap. He told me the newer machines like to walk across the floor unless they are on concrete. I think the transmission was $115.00 and about an hour and a half to install. Well worth the effort. Steve

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Steve Peterson

You can make a nice ball mill from it. In the metalworking realm, this can be used with various media for polishing/deburring.

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Richard J Kinch

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