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My friend has a digital camera goint to his computer. I can see him via the internet. How an I record what I see on a video tape?


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What you use depends on the format of his video. Is he streaming with Windows, Real Player, or Quicktime?

If Windows, you should have Windows Media Encoder and Windows Media Player as a viewer (both are free).

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Well Dude, you asked the right question in the wrong group...but here goes. You can buy Camtasia that will make a movie of anything that goes on on your screen and record audio. It now costs about $299 from

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you can get smart and download Camstudio (open source) almost the same thing for free from:
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Camtasia has more options and probably is better. I have used it and it is great. It also comes witha Producer and a virtual chalkboard called Art Dabbler by Corel. You do need to turn off your hardware acceleration, though. If you go to my site,
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and check out the two movies on voltage drop, they were both made using Camtasia. You simply use the Art Dabbler and a head set with a micriphone and tlk as you mark up the chalk board and whammo you have a training video. Next process it for

320x240 as a wmv file and upload to your favorite streaming downlaod server.
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