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I am working on a small Federal Military Job where all the material must be made in the USA. I am having a lot of difficulty finding Made in the USA anything. For instance Hoffman Boxes are made in Mexico. Red Dot boxes and condulets are made in Mexico. Toggle Bolts are made in Korea or Taiwan. Even Square D motor controllers are made in Mexico. Does anyone know of a catalog or web site that specializes in Made in the USA products?

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Gerald Newton3
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Last one of these contracts I headed up, I just proved that the product(s) were not available "made in USA". Took several heart to heart's with the contracting officer.

Shame on you for not checking the products BEFORE you bid the job.

I once bid an Federal job that required an huge amount of Wiremold power poles. An little discovery found that this model was only made 2 times a year. There was just barely enough stock on hand in North America to do the job with in the completion deadline. So I bought all of them. 3 weeks later the job was awarded to an competitor and I protested the bid. Never got the contract but I made 300% on the power poles. Which was more profit than the job had in it. They do call it contracting.

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Yes, and you deserved it. You did all the leg work and took the risks. Win some, lose some...

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Try my website:

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